Our story

Maui-Licious, Inc. became a California Corporation in early 2000.

The first product marketed was Maui-Licious Marinade BBQ sauce, an all purpose sauce. The second product developed and marketed was Teri-Licious sauce, the sauce now used in preparing all Teri-Licious Beef Jerky products. Both sauces hold U.S. Trademarks.

The Corporation was created by Dr. Charles R. Medeiros, a retired educator turned realtor in Orange County, California.

Dr. Medeiros was born and raised on the Island of Maui prior to Hawaii becoming the 50th state. He is the descendant of Portuguese immigrants who emigrated to the Hawaiian Islands 125 years ago when Hawaii was a U.S. territory.

The idea of making beef jerky, like many creations, was accidental. A beef jerky vendor approached Dr. Medeiros with an interest in buying a 5 gallon bucket of Teri-Licious sauce. When asked why he wanted 5 gallons of the sauce, his answer was, “To Make Beef Jerky”. The 5 gallon bucket was never sold. It was used to make beef jerky by Dr. Medeiros. Samples were passed around. The feedback was a greenlight and the introduction of a winning product.

There are 4 flavors. Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, Original, and Hot sold in 3 oz.  bags. The flavors are uniquely different, with a brand name appropriately descriptive of a gourmet product that is truly DELICIOUS.

Here is your opportunity to purchase an exceptional Beef Jerky.

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